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We've not been able to track down an easy way to resolve the issue with the server that can be done without potentially re-doing the whole Sky Island system (and even then we do not know where we'd start), so we'll be doing the next best thing, and be doing an OS re-install for the server hardware.

The only difference between the new server and the old server is that we had to choose to use Windows Server 2016, instead of 2012 which is end of life. This should hopefully resolve the weird...
We are currently experiencing a bug with the Secret Apartments where only the owner can access them, and we are unsure of where the problem is being caused. The issue likely cannot be without a maintenance, so we will have to wait until Monday at the earliest to be dealt with as the unscheduled maintenance today did not solve the issue.

If the issue cannot be resolved by the next maintenance (Monday or Wednesday), I will look at an alternative for players who currently have secret...
As we will be having an extended maintenance as we do a server migration (to better hardware) I figured I would make a dedicated announcement which will be updated when the migration is finished.

Note, as we are changing hardware, the IP of the server will change so the DNS to the server will be updated (which will begin updating now). It may take up to a day or so for your DNS to update.

The estimated time that the server will be ready is ~3-5AM PST, though it may run longer depending on...
We will be having our weekly routine maintenance at 10 PM PST Wednesday evening. During the maintenance we will be doing the following:
  • We will be doing a server migration to new hardware which will hopefully fix some issues we've had infrequently. As a result, maintenance may be much longer than normal.
Maintenance generally lasts between 1-2 hours, though we will announce in the Discord if it will take longer. You can join our Discord by going here:...
We are having another 50% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Sunday at 11:59 PST.

You can purchase Diamonds here.
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