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    Oct 9, 2018
    The drill Ground at the Guild have some mini games to get some honor point
    Go to Guild NPC
    and search Drill ground place at your guild, then enter u can meet NPC minigames
    there have some mini game, like needle drill
    call of the horns, or other
    try and enjoy it to get more honor point

    sorry my english too bad *_* if u want to watch that guide u can use youtube and search by keyword "drill ground runes of magic"

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    Nov 27, 2018
    A small overview over the drill ground activities for those who haven't tried them.
    As the Special Training Manager describes the games pretty well, I'll only include what I feel is left out and add some personal experience.
    I'll describe them in the order they appear on the list:

    Sharp sight, quick hands
    Whack-a-mole kind of game. Keybind your special keys 1-9 as it will be a hell to mouse click it. Personally, this is the only game I skip as it is relatively frustrating. I haven't tested it, but I believe it's possible to leave the game by backing away with your character.

    I Want to Survive
    Run! 10 rounds with more lvl 50 elite melee spawning. Unless you feel confident in easy aoe kills, then bring movement buff. It's possible to outrun mobs with +15% bonus from Potion:Unbridled Entusiasm (from housekeeper) if you don't cut corners too sharp. Though you outlevel the mobs, they are numerous and will slow you down if you get hit.
    Winning will earn you approx 1.000 honor points.

    Test your luck. 10 rounds where you open chests to look for reward medals. The green one despawns from backpack when leaving zone, while the blue one is saved. Opening chests without medal can give one of 3 buffs or summon 2 mobs.
    Buffs are:
    1) 15 sec speed. Movement and chest opening is faster
    2) 20 sec slow. Movement and chest opening is slower
    3) Root. 5 sec rooted

    Mobs are: (can't remember precise names)
    1) Something of "fate": Will give 2 sec fear at spawn. If you continue to loot chest it can prevent you from running in fear. Sometimes test NPC will kill mob if you continue to loot chests. Otherwise, pray your dodge is high or run towards the guardsman patrolling outside the ring. He will attack the mob and allow you to hit it.
    2) Something of "misfortune": So far when meeting this one, my games have stopped and I haven't received any honor points. Not sure if there's a method to beat it.

    Due to bad luck, I haven't tested if playing again (by spending 15 green medals) rewards honor points. I get approx 350 points from a game.

    Needle drill
    It's a game where you have to avoid the spikes in the floor. Floor is split into a lot of tiles that are lit up and then spawn spikes. Spikes deal % dmg, so I'll recommend wearing no armor so normal health potions can heal a lot (and death won't reduce durability). Personally, I use speed buff as more speed allows for better evasion. At higher levels, go for spawned buffs (mostly the sigils that looks like usual xp sigils) as they give more points.
    I can't remember correctly, but I think the game gives approx 1100 points when winning.

    Call of the horns
    Easy points!
    Pick a side, run to the other side and kill their flag. Skip all the mobs.
    By choosing whitehorn side, you get 560 points upon winning.
    I don't look at mob lvls but I think they're around lvl 25 elites + 1 boss

    Spirit Warrior
    You enter the game and won't be allowed to use your class skills. You're, however, able to use 3 different paths of skills (sword, shield, magic). From personal experience your character attributes determine damage with the respective paths, so as a rogue I always go with sword.

    When starting the game there are 3 kinds of mobs: (again, I can't remember their names)

    1) army of trial guardians. When killing each of these, you earn a point but spawn 3 new mobs (so watch out with your charging into their middle) At first they're lvl 50 with approx 5.000 hp. When dying they leave behind floating question marks. These are used to receive more skills to your chosen path. You start with 2 skills and can earn up to 5.
    2) Wind elemental. Killing this guy will remove all trial guardians and spawn a boss as the last mob to kill. For most points, kill all other mobs before this guy
    3) A single trial guardian to the opposite side of trial guardians. This fellow respawns after you kill him (that's not a bug). If you kill him enough times, he'll buff dmg/def/hp. His hp buff steps are approx: 5.000, 31.000, 91.000, 140.000 and 200.000 The buff step of this guy determines the dmg/hp/def of the army of trial guardians. Each time this guy dies he drops a buff which gives +1% to all your attributes (I think the max stack I've received is +90%).

    My strategy:
    1) Kill some army of trial guardians until you've unlocked all your skills in the chosen path.
    2) Kill single guardian until no more (may become hard to kill later, so if you have your HoTo lvl 55 gear, then use your strongest melee class for sword path - I can beat it in time with rogue, but not with scout due to passive dagger dmg bonus). Kill until maybe 5 minutes left if you can't kill all.
    3) Kill rest of army of trial guardians.
    4) Kill wind elemental.
    5) Kill boss.
    I think this strategy gives approx 1.000 honor points while you only get around 400 for excluding step 2)

    Rescue Trial
    Save some patients that have 1 of 8 different debuffs. You are given 8 spells to clean their debuffs, so a nice keybind for special bar can be helpful. When it's your first time, go with easy (3 patients) and then slowly learn the colour/sound of the respective debuffs. Given enough tries, you'll get to know the debuffs and can do hard (9 patients).

    First aid training
    You have 10 commoners around you and a mage in the middle. The mage will use spells such as fireball, aoe fire and chain lightning (up to 4 targets I think). Your job is to let the commoners stay alive as long as possible with your given healing spells.
    I don't have any strategy other than trying to apply regen to all patients and then aoe + aoe regen all the time. Personally I can't beat hard, so I keep it at medium and receive approx 500 points from winning.

    Mass barrage
    Dodge red, get blue, maybe get yellow! Red reduce your "life points" and will stop game if you get too many. Blue give points that will be converted to honor points by the end. Yellow are random buffs.

    Yellow buffs I've met so far:
    1) Slow. Everything is slowed (not sure if timer is slowed as I don't have time to look at it)
    2) Speed. Everything is sped up.
    3) Points. Almost all balls are blue and try to charge at you.
    4) Red alert. Almost all balls are red and try to charge at you.

    Push alpacas over some grass (so they can eat) and towards fence at the other end of the map.
    You get 5 points for each alpaca which is equal to 50 honor point by the end.
    Wolves can fear your alpaca for a while and will kill them if given enough time.
    I manage to push 2 alpacas towards fence before first wolf arrives. Then I always try to kill wolf (with special skills) as fast as possible.
    I get around 25-30 points per game which is equal to 250-300 honor points.

    I hope this helped clarify the games a little :)
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    Nov 27, 2018
    I can't seem to edit my reply, so will post the edit here:
    I Want to Survive
    Dying doesn't give xp/tp debt but reduces equip durability.

    Needle drill

    bring the best normal healing potions your level allows you. Dying doesn't give xp/tp debt but reduces equip durability.

    Spirit warrior
    Leave drill ground after this game before doing rescue trial or first aid training. Skills from spirit warrior will be there instead of healing buffs, so you can't complete those two minigames

    army of trial guardians give 1 min of +1% buff to some stats (I think it's movement/attack speed and something else)
    single guardian gives +5% instead of +1% per kill.
    Remember to take the buffs or they will despawn.
    Honor points seem bugged. Sometimes I get 1.000 other times i get 400 with the same approach.

    Single guardian buff stages are: 5.000, 20.000, 40.000, 91.000, 141.000 and 220.000

    Common goats are lvl 10 and boss is lvl 42
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