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    1.Pet Recruitment

    Players can recruit pets once they reach level 15 and their combat rating reaches 2000.

    There are four tiers of pets: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Pets assist players in battle. Different pets have different attributes. The higher the quality, the higher the potential, which means the pet can gain more attributes when you train your pet and level it up. Higher quality pets are very expensive, and also require the player to have a higher Combat Rating in order to initially adopt the pet.
    The number of pets that a player can have is proportional to level of the player. There are currently 15 pets in total upon the game launch, though the number of future available pets will likely increase. Only one pet can participate in battle at a time. Pets can gain EXP through training. When their EXP is high enough, click “Level Up” to increase your pet’s level.

    There are 2 ways to train your pets:
    1) The player of can use Gold coins or Growth Surge Tokens (30 per day maximum) to give an immediate boost to their pet’s EXP;
    2) Players can also collect fragments to make Pet Sealstones. Right-click a Sealstone to recruit a new pet.

    2. Available Pets

    There are 15 pets that players are able to recruit in The Lost Titans:
    [​IMG] Swifthorn
    [​IMG] Nightmaw
    [​IMG] Painclaw
    [​IMG] Trigon
    [​IMG] Bearilla
    [​IMG] Skyfang
    [​IMG] Tallblade
    [​IMG] Razorbeak
    [​IMG] Brutemane
    [​IMG] Bigface
    [​IMG] Pigupine
    [​IMG] Ragestinger
    [​IMG] Skittertooth
    [​IMG] Octodrake

    3. Basic Pet Attributes

    ~Name: Pet’s name; this can’t be changed.
    ~Level: Pet’s level. Click “Level Up” to increase its level.
    ~Aptitude: The pet’s capacity for both taking and dealing damage
    ~Attack: The offensive value of the pet’s attacks.
    ~Quality: Includes Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
    ~Combat Rating: A pet’s overall fighting capability.
    ~Critical Hit Chance: The rate of possible critical hits dealt along with normal damage.
    ~Skills: Higher quality pets have more possible skills. Platinum tier has 2 skills, while others only have one.

    After a pet is recruited, the pet comes with an available skill, and depending on the tier, an open slot for a second skill. Most slots will still be unlocked. Pet skill slots will unlock every 10 levels, starting at level 10 for the pet (you need to train the pet and level them up in order for them to level).
    Training the pet to learn new skills will cost the player WarSouls, which can be attained by 5 free attempts each day, or at a cost of 20 gold per shot at extracting more WarSouls. Using Gold to obtain WarSouls increases the chances of obtaining Purple WarSouls, which provide great discounts for leveling up pet skills. There is also a chance to critically hit upon a large number of WarSouls on each attempt to extract more.
    There are two different kinds of WarSouls: Purple and Blue. Purple is much more rare than Blue, and both can be used to level up pet skills, though Purple WarSouls provide the same leveling benefits at 1/5th the cost.

    (NOTE: not made by me, price values may change depending on Seiichi's wishes)
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